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UK Healthcare Real Estate Report

The report takes a deep dive in to the United Kingdom (UK) HCRE sector, distinguishing it clearly from other European and North American markets in terms of underlying drivers.

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– The report is based on a thorough review of key market participants and institutions in the UK healthcare industry to guide investors and stakeholders seeking to increase their exposure to this important and growing market.

– The detailed analyses of UK healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which are the largest investors in the sector, suggest that investments will continue to flow into healthcare assets since yields in the HCRE sector are more stable and consistent compared to other asset classes.

– Inflation and high interest rates have compressed valuations considerably. Since healthcare REITs are proven to be asset classes with predictable earnings, long-term tenants and lower risk profiles we expect renewed investor interest once interest rates peak towards the end of 2024.

– The report concludes that a rare market opportunity is presented for investors to buy into this asset class at values that are expected to rise in the medium term (5 years). This view is supported by increased demand for healthcare services, presented in detail in the Report.